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This is the first site that will do what you need for a price.  I am an inventor and the only thing that gets me more excited than a new idea is the way the country seems to be going.  We give up more and more freedom in the search for security.  The saying goes, "Those that give up freedom for security find that they loose both."  A people that fear the government are ruled by a tyrant, and a society where the government fears the people is a Democracy.  We have so much to learn and if we could but come together on one idea of how we want things to be we could accomplish that and so much more.  That is what I have been doing in my spare time, with the help of the web I think I could even start organizing things for change, back to the original meaning of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  When the men wrote those things it was not as it is today, however the only thing that we need to be concerned with is that when you look at "ALL MEN AND WOMEN" as being equal, it makes sense to do it the way they put it on paper. Back when they were looking to make this a great country and its people free from abuse.  In the Blog you can view questions I have polled the people of Phoenix Az. and see what they have as answers to them.  There is also a chance to advertise your company and bring people into your place for a very low rate.  This is just starting and it will grow with time.  When it does I promise you that the rate you start with me is what you will pay for as long as you renew your account.  To try to get to a free country and better world click the " Blog " in the ribbon at the top of the page.  Thank you and Have a wonderful day.Laughing

Please email me with some ideas of things that you need to use your computer .

There will be frequent updates to this site and I know things here will help you. If you would like to learn what your child or spouse is doing on line I can help you with that.  If you would like to learn how people rip folks off on line I could tell you stories.  If your computer is not working like it used to I have answers for you there as well.  These and a hundred ways to improve your experiance on line.  I have had the same phone number for over twenty years and I am easy to talk to as well.  I will walk you through the things you want done and as we check them off I get paid.  Satisfaction gaurenteed and there are things that we will come across I am sure that will help you for years to come.  480 946-7676 Jack

Have a WEBSITE built for you and a friend to share files pictures and anything else for $19.95 per Mo. for your own domain

Would you like a Website for your self or business? I can do that for you for only $25.00 and $5.00 per month , I will alway be available for help and in the event you want to upgrade I will be here for that too. I do not want to make a living doing this I only want to pay for my time. I aork fior $6.00 per hour and that is a deal!!  For the most part this is a learning experiance for us all.  Check out these othere places to go and get things that will make your time online easy and more fun.Smile

Need some extra help building your site? Here are some topics that I may be helpful with.

  • Opera.com
  • pogo.com
  • cnet.com
  • Graboid.com                          
  •   Those will get you to a new browser, Games, Free sortware and movies online.  It is all free Smile

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So to recap. Computer improvements and repairs, hardware fixes, software downloads and much more.  Like advertising and poll info.

Get with it today  send the money and the questions. Get the right answers to them or get the right results.